Transfer Students

Jonathan.jpgJoin a university that will accelerate your path towards a rewarding career in the What’s Next Economy!

Where you start doesn’t matter; it’s where you finish that counts. At SBT, we believe that in the What’s Next Economy, where you start and finish both matter. You can’t succeed in life unless you can look at your past and understand how those experiences drive you. However, the demands of today’s economy and workforce really do put a premium on where you finish your education. We believe that in the What’s Next Economy, it’s more important than ever that students complete their education with the skills necessary to stand out and shine.

Why Marymount? We are the only school in the Greater Washington region that combines technology, business, entrepreneurship, and leadership education under one roof. We are a one-stop shop, so we don’t have the friction and silos that often plague interdisciplinary programs at most other universities. Our undergraduate degrees and corresponding minors provide individualized pathways to combining technology understanding, business insights, entrepreneurial attitudes and leadership skills. Our graduates are ready to take their places in the What’s Next Economy.

Some highlights of our unique undergraduate programs are:

  • Undergraduate degrees in accounting, business, economics, and information technology, all designed to meet the needs of graduates in the What’s Next Economy.
  • Undergraduate minors available to students in SBT and the other schools of Marymount, that allow students to combine skill development in areas of employer demand with other academic pursuits. This allows a student who is pursuing a degree in Interior Design to take a minor in Marketing at SBT, or for a student pursuing a degree in nursing to take a minor in Entrepreneurship. It also allows or own degree seeking students, for example in the BBA program, to pursue many exciting minors.
  • Accelerated second undergraduate degrees in Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing for graduates with a preexisting post-baccalaureate degree in any subject.
  • A required internship experience that combines work experience with instruction in career skill development, led by our professors and successful entrepreneurs sourced identified through/participating in our Marymount Intrapreneurship Initiative
  • A career services office that is tightly integrated with our Internship Program, so that our region’s employers are in regular contact with SBT and see it as a preferred source of agile talent for their workforce.

We are located in Ballston, Virginia and surrounding us is one of the centers of the What’s Next Economy. Our local community has the highest concentration of technologists in the country, including major operations for leading companies such as Amazon and Capital One. The innovative federal agencies that created the internet, GPS and robotics are within walking distance of our building.

Let us help you get realize the future you imagine. If you have any questions, please email me at

I hope to welcome you to our student body soon.

Best regards,

Jonathan Aberman, LLM
Dean and Professor of Practice
School of Business and Technology