Summer 2020 Information and Deadlines

Internships provide students the opportunity to integrate their classroom learning with real-time professional experience. Arlington is a bustling, up and coming D.C. suburb, and it is home to a number of established and developing businesses. Marymount’s proximity to our nation’s capital also affords exciting opportunities for internships with internationally recognized business firms, government and nonprofit agencies, health care facilities, sports organizations, and financial institutions.

Internship Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the internship experience, SBT students will have:

  • Relate classroom education to a real-world professional experience
  • Understand the responsibilities of the business professional by following policies and guidelines expected of the employees in the organization
  • Appreciate the organizational environment and internal relationships inherent in the business world
  • Cultivate computer skills through the application of software programs in performing tasks
  • Cultivate oral and written communication skills
  • Cultivate analytical skills
  • Gain a better understanding of the importance of teamwork and time management
  • Understand his/her role in the flow of activities within the organization
  • Assume personal responsibility for ethical behavior reflecting high standards of business conduct
  • Acquire a realistic understanding of career paths and opportunities available in the student’s chosen profession

For more Information

For more information about the internship experience, please visit Marymount's Internship Information page and/or contact Dr. Michael Wood, Internship Coordinator at (703) 284-5941 or