Program Requirements

This master's degree program prepares students to excel as specialists or generalist human resource professionals, managers, and consultants. Students acquire competencies in all of the core human resource management functional areas (including organization development) by utilizing a systems approach to strategically support organizational performance.

Upon successful completion of the human resource management program, students will be able to

  • select an OD/HRM analysis model to organize strategic trends within organizations, formulate and explain aligned recommendations for new or improved HR/OD structures, and develop an implementation plan to support business goals;
  • survey and organize performance and total pay systems within organizations and design new or improved performance/total pay structures that measure strategic results at the individual, team, or organizational level;
  • investigate and evaluate the OD/HR leadership and team behaviors within organizations that support a healthy culture and produce HR/OD leadership and team development projects that increase engagement and business results; and
  • appraise alignments of HR/OD initiatives concerning employment law, ethics, labor, international relations, and diversity and create a plan for improved initiatives. 

This program is certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Association for Talent Management (ATD) to be in alignment with the designated competencies required by each association.

Admission Requirements: See the university's requirements for admission. 

Minimum Grade Requirements: Students in the human resource management program must meet the university’s academic standards for graduate students and achieve a minimum grade of B- for each course required for the degree. All graduate students in the School of Business and Technology must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation. Students must bring their cumulative GPA to 3.0 within nine (9) graduate credits or be dismissed. A student whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 a second time will be dismissed.

Degree Requirements

36 credits

Courses are listed in recommended, but not required, sequence of enrollment

  • HRM 538 HR Selection and Recruitment
  • HRM 539 Performance Management
  • HRM 534 Total Pay Perspective
  • LA 535 Employment Law OR LA 561 Business Law OR MBA 516 Business Law and Ethics
  • HRM 585 Global Human Resource Management
  • OD 521 Organization Development Change and Consulting
  • HRM 509 The Learning Organization
  • MGT 515 Leading and Managing Teams
  • HRM 533 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • HRM 590 Practicum
  • Two (2) elective courses chosen from HRM, OD, IT, MBA, MGT, or any other graduate course approved by an advisor. Students in the program may also choose to complete one of the following tracks:
General HR Track
  • Two (2) elective courses
  • HRM 590 Practicum 
Analytics Track
  • MBA 514 Business Analytics
  • HRM 586 People Analytics
  • HRM 590 Practicum -- must be an analytics project
Coaching Track
  • OD 522 Organization Development Implementation and Coaching OR MBA 517 Leading in Business OR MBA 515 Management in Organizations OR CE 503 Advanced Human Growth and Development OR CE 530 Career Development Counseling (CE Courses require joint permission from program directors). 
  • OD 523 Executive Coaching
  • HRM 590 Practicum -- must be a coaching project
Leadership Track
  • MGT 502 Leading Collaboration and Innovation OR MBA 515 Management in Organizations
  • OD 522 Organization Development Implementation and Coaching OR OD 532 Executive Coaching
  • HRM 590 -- must be a leadership project 
Organization Development Track
  • MGT 502 Leadership OR MBA 515 Management in Organizations
  • OD 522 Organization Development Implementation and Coaching OR OD 523 Executive Coaching
  • HRM 590 Practicum -- must be an organization development project
Talent Development Track
  • HRM 503 Adult Learning OR ED 500 Foundation of Education and Teaching (requires joint permission from program directors).
  • OD 522 Organization Development Implementation and Coaching OR OD 523 Executive Coaching
  • HRM 590 Practicum -- must be a training project

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Human Resource Management (M.A.)

Human Resource Management (M.A.)