Course Descriptions

MGT 502 Managing Innovation

Focuses on how managers initiate, lead, and support innovation within organizations. Concepts of creativity, design, and the conditions required for them to flourish are examined, along with the model of the “learning organization.” The course introduces students to the practice of collaboration and provides opportunities to analyze management of groups charged with advancing new products for practices in organizations. (3)

MGT 507 Leadership

Enables students to become more aware of and thoughtful about leadership practices in addition to developing and expanding their existing capabilities. The course provides students with opportunities to examine and apply dynamics of creativity and design to organizational constructs and strategic thinking, to examine and assess leadership capability and readiness, and to integrate personal leadership philosophies and values into a reflective practice of leadership. (3)

MGT 560 Ethical Issues in Business and Society

Examines corporate governance, business government relations, the impact of economic and social change, organizational ethics, and the political role of business. Considers the measures business may use to anticipate and provide appropriate response to changes in public and government expectations while defending legitimate business interests. (3)

MGT 585 Global Business Management

Examines the scope and nature of opportunities and problems in international business operations. Emphasizes the effect of culture and environmental differences and the skills needed to manage international businesses. Topics include the international business environment; multinational corporations as economic, social, and political institutions; strategy issues of control and coordination; and the operating issues of managing the workforce, other managers, and management systems. (3)

MGT 590 Organization Policy and Strategy

This capstone course for Management students requires application of disciplines and techniques learned during the degree program. Concepts and applications of strategy and sustainability are presented. Course requirements include completion of a portfolio, executive summary, and presentation of a major project. (3)

MBA 515 Management in Organizations

Addresses the best contemporary management and organizational theories and their roots.  This critical analysis will examine the influence of individual, group, and organizational processes on behavior in organizations.  The purpose of the course is to familiarize students with principles that can be applied to manage human resources, enhance individual and group performances, and increase organizational effectiveness. (3) 

FIN 500 Finance for Nonfinancial Managers

Provides students with a working vocabulary of financial terms, an understanding of corporate financial statements, and familiarity with basic accounting practices.  The course provides an introduction to the techniques of financial planning and budgeting.  This course may not be used by students in the M.B.A. Program to meet any program requirements. (3) 

MSC 545 Project Management

Combines quantitative tools, concepts, and methods with behavioral science techniques to enable managers to plan, initiate, organize, lead, and manage projects within matrix and project organizations, and under time pressure, rapid change conditions, and other conditions of rush. (3) 

OD 523 Executive Coaching

Focuses on leading-edge organization development trends, specifically executive coaching and consulting.  Emphasis is on the skill and art of coaching executives in high-performance organizations.  Provides approaches and application of dialogue, adult learning, change, and measurement.  This course requires a high level of interaction and participation.  It also requirees practice outside the classroom and journal writing.  Students learn to apply skills in leadership, team, and organizational renewal efforts. (3)

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Leadership & Management (M.S.)

Leadership & Management (M.S.)