Community Service Projects

The HCM students are offered various opportunities to engage in community service projects.

Marymount group

​Ojos Saludables

Since 2011, HCM faculty and students have been involved in service projects in the town of Chulucanas in northern Peru.  Our project "Ojos Saludables" focuses mainly around eye health education and promotion.  By collaborating with the local health promoters at the local Diocese and physicians, we educate groups of moto-taxi drivers and elementary kids about a common condition called pterygium and the benefits of wearing sunglasses and hats.

Another project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between faculty and students from the Healthcare Management and Health Promotions programs to measure uncorrected refractive errors among school-going children in an elementary school. In Summer 2016, we screened over 500 children for refractive errors and recommended strategies to correct the community's unmet needs.

Partnership with Hanzehogeschool
Groningen, Netherlands

More small-scale community service projects are also integrated throughout the curriculum. One such example is of a service project in HCM-565.  In the Spring 2017, students worked in teams to help our Dutch partners understand the US health care system.  Marymount HCM students, via Skype, worked with undergraduate Healthcare Management students at Hanzehogeschool Groningen to help one another understand their respective health systems. Various topics ranging from patient care, end-of-life care, healthcare financing, and policy were explored.

Local Partnerships

In Fall 2016, HCM 565 students assisted Northern Virginia Family Services in a baseline analysis of cross-disciplinary service referrals.  Students developed an interview guide and facilitated focus groups for this community service agency.  Their report identified numerous opportunities to integrate referrals to improve care for the entire family.
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Health Care Management (M.S.)

Health Care Management (M.S.)