Alumni Stories

Kamran Hassan

Age: 33 M.S. in HCM/M.B.A.

Kamran’s Bio: I am currently an Administrative Resident for MedStar Ambulatory Services. MedStar Health is a non-profit health care organization that operates over 120 locations in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. MedStar Ambulatory Services provides outpatient services to local communities, including primary care and urgent care services. As an Administrative Resident, I assess business ventures and provide operational support and process improvement plans for multiple businesses within Ambulatory Services Department. In addition to my education, Marymount University provided me opportunities to network with healthcare leaders and students from other institutions, including the opportunity to present at the National Association Health Services Executive (NAHSE) Case Study Competition. At NAHSE, I also met a leader from MedStar Health who suggested I apply for their fellowship opportunity.

Brenda Bloom

Age: 53 M.S. in HCM/M.B.A.

Brenda’s Bio: I currently work in the biotech industry and have for most of my career. My dual-degree graduate program at Marymount most definitely helped me attain my most recent position as the Director of Health Policy for my company. I was in this role for the past 4 years.

Glenda Palominonuflo

Age: 37 M.S. in HCM/M.B.A.

Glenda’s Bio: I currently work for Navy Medicine as a Health Care Manager. MU has prepared me in many ways to become a successful health care professional. Obtaining my M.S in HCM/M.B.A. made me a highly competitive candidate for the Navy Officer Direct Accession program. MU afforded me opportunities to develop leadership traits and research and management skills. MU also prepared me academically: the policy, economics, and process improvement classes that I took have helped me moving up in my career very quickly.
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Health Care Management (M.S.)

Health Care Management (M.S.)