Health Care Management (M.S.)

Marymount’s M.S. in Health Care Management (MSHCM) focuses on the fast-paced and dynamic health care field, equipping health care professionals with the skills to manage and direct within this changing environment.

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Health Care Management at MU

Marymount’s location – close to federal agencies, U.S. Congress, and national provider associations – informs the program’s curriculum, which focuses on current and relevant issues in health care. Courses provide the opportunity to examine future national policy goals and their legal implications, as well as to gain an advanced level of understanding of the financing, management, and reimbursement processes.

Marymount’s M.S. in Health Care Management aims to prepare managers to competently perform in the highly competitive health services marketplace in the Washington, DC, metro area. The program is designed for students with experience in either health care or business who wish to become hospital administrators, managed care coordinators, financial/operational managers in health care facilities and managed care groups, or related positions.

The Health Care Management program is committed to exhibiting the highest professional and ethical standards, addressing the needs of both individuals and health care organizations, providing health care education to the local community, and encouraging participation in community services. The program is also dedicated to contributing to the field through publication and scholarly activities.

MSHCM Student Core Competencies

Health Care Management Dual Degrees

To address the increasing complexity of the marketplace, Marymount also offers dual degrees: a M.S. in Health Care Management/M.B.A. and a M.S. in Health Care Management/M.S. in Information Technology.

A Health Care Management Graduate Certificate is also offered in Health Care Informatics.

Marymount’s M.S. in Health Care Management is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

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Health Care Management (M.S.)

Health Care Management (M.S.)