Add to your existing skills for the What’s Next Economy, or customize a Master’s degree with focused specializations through our unique use of Certificates.
Requiring less upfront commitment than a graduate degree program, certificates allow students to take a cluster of academically rigorous courses in a narrow field. They can be completed on their own, but they can also be added as “specializations” to various Masters programs or stacked to earn an Emerging Technology MS. This flexibility lets students tailor their education to the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their current jobs or to prepare for new career opportunities. Certificates are flexible as well: they allow us to respond quickly to a constantly changing economy and job market. We will add additional Certificates as we learn more about what employers and potential students need.  
Certificates comprise four graduate level courses that provide the context, understanding and skills our faculty and employers believe are necessary for success in the What’s Next Economy. Because the courses are part of our core graduate program classes, they can also be used to satisfy the requirements for a specialization in another Master’s degree offered by SBT. Students can come to Marymount to develop particular skills and then convert into a broader course of study or expand what they have learned into a Master’s degree with the same specialization
We offer these Certificates:

Take a closer look at the Certificates and think about how they can help you quickly make a difference in your ability to compete and win in the What’s Next Economy.

For additional information about the application process, please visit Graduate Enrollment Services.