Health Care Informatics Certificate

The traditional lines between healthcare and information technologies have blurred by the rapid adoption of digital technology to healthcare delivery. Trends in areas such as precision medicine, disease prevention and drug discovery have inexorably tied data sciences and healthcare. The trends have solidified the need for healthcare leaders to have an appreciation of data sciences and related technologies. Our Healthcare Informatics Certificate is composed of the following courses:

For students interested in Information Technology and who are pursuing a Master’s in Information Technology:

  • IT 510: Requirements Analysis
  • IT 540: Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 545: Healthcare Informatics
  • IT 547: Healthcare Reimbursement Systems.
For students interested in Healthcare Management and who are pursuing a Master’s degree in Healthcare Management:
Three required courses:
  • IT 454: Healthcare Informatics
  • HCM 510 Healthcare Management
  • HCM 520: Healthcare Reimbursement Systems
And one of:
  • IT 547: Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents
  • IT 630 Information Technology Practicum
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Health Care Informatics*

Health Care Informatics*