Student Research and Service

Our students are offered the opportunity to conduct research and work directly with a healthcare organization on a topic of their interest through two Capstone projects.
In the HCM 555 (Healthcare Strategic Planning & Marketing) Capstone project, students develop a strategic plan for a specific healthcare unit (department), a specific product-line, or the organization as a whole. This project involves readings, analyses, fieldwork (speaking to experts in the field), recommendations, and a final report.
Students complete another Capstone project in the HCM 565 (Healthcare Cases and Projects) course.  This project provides an opportunity for each student to conduct an in-depth exploration of a particular healthcare setting and area of interest. Students are responsible for identifying a partner organization for their project with the help of the faculty. 

A few examples of student projects are:

  • Medstar Georgetown Transplant Institute Business Development Plan: Infusion Services
  • Clinical Ladder Model Recommendations for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • The Improvement of Inpatient Conversion Rates at a Local Hospital
  • Recommendations for a Health Records Systems for a non-profit Medical Clinic in Uganda
  • An Analysis of the Impact of the PACE Program on a Local Healthcare System


Health Care Management Program

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Health Care Management (M.S.)

Health Care Management (M.S.)