Graduate Programs

The world is changing rapidly. Professionals must be adaptable, highly skilled and able to think creatively. Employers want graduates with soft skills, for example the ability to read, write and communicate, and hard skills, for example, accounting, finance, systems management or software development. They want well rounded graduates, who are ready to work productively in fast moving environments and be leaders. An education that informs, challenges and provides real world insights is necessary for graduates to enter the work force and succeed. This is a mission that we have embraced and are focused on every day.

Our school is located at the center of one of the most dynamic business and technology communities in the world. We are in Arlington, Virginia, a short metro ride from Washington, DC. According to Inc. Magazine it is the home of more rapidly growing companies than any other location in the US. CNBC ranks our home state of Virginia as the number one location to do business in the United States.  Around us is the largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals and businesses in the United States, internationally recognized companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Inova Hospitals, Capital One, Accenture and many others. The federal agencies and scientists who have created the internet, GPS, robotics and are pushing the envelope on the technologies of tomorrow work within walking distance of our school’s classrooms. 

The School of Business and Technology is unique in our structure and approach to education. We are the only joint technology and business school in the Greater Washington region This means that our students can develop both their business and technology skills in the same school, and we can offer many unique dual degrees to graduates in areas such as cybersecurity, healthcare management, talent development and leadership, business management. 


Graduate Degree Programs

Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Online Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Cybersecurity (M.S.)
Health Care Management (M.S.)
Human Resource Management (M.A.)
Information Technology (M.S.)
Leadership and Management (M.S.)

Graduate Dual Degree Programs

Business Administration/Cybersecurity (M.B.A/M.S.)
Business Administration/Human Resource Management (M.B.A./M.A.)
Business Administration/Information Technology (M.B.A./M.S.)
Business Administration/Leadership and Management (M.B.A./M.S.)
Health Care Management/Business Administration (M.S./M.B.A.)
Health Care Management/Information Technology (M.S./M.S.)
Information Technology/Cybersecurity (M.S./M.S.)

Doctorate Degree Program

Cybersecurity (D.Sc.)

Graduate Certificate Programs

Health Care Informatics
Human Resource Management
Management Studies
Association & Nonprofit Management
Organization Development