Economics (B.A.)

The basic challenge of economics involves satisfying human wants with limited resources. This central economic concept becomes increasingly complex when factoring in a specific society’s values, objectives, and institutions.

Marymount’s Economics program takes students beyond the study of economics alone. It integrates the related fields of politics and sociology. This unique interdisciplinary approach equips students to more comprehensively analyze the broad range of human concerns present in the global context.

Marymount’s location in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area provides the perfect setting for real-time analysis and experience via site visits, internship opportunities, and guest speakers from think tanks and government agencies. In addition, small class sizes allow extensive individual interaction with professors.

The program seeks to prepare graduates to understand economic analysis and use its concepts to provide insight into a wide range of human concerns communicate economic information and concepts effectively in both written and oral forms of communication work effectively as an entry-level research or policy analyst and develop opportunities and techniques for lifelong professional development.

With 30-34 hours of elective credit, students have the freedom to focus on additional areas of interest for a minor or double major, such as business, politics, mathematics, history, English, or psychology.

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Economics (B.A.)



Program Director


Dr. Brian Hollar

Accounting, Economics & Finance Department

Ballston Center
1000 N. Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22201