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Program Requirements

The Healthcare Management (HCM) is a 45-credits program. The dual degrees, Healthcare Management and Masters in Business Administration (HCM-MBA) and Healthcare Management and Masters in Information Technology are 63-credits programs. 

Competency-Based Curriculum:

Our program follows a competency-based curriculum. Students are assessed on 24 competencies at various stages in the program.

On the successful completion of the program, our students are able to: 

  • apply information technology to health care settings, effectively manage human resources, engage in process management, project planning and implementation;
  • engage in critical and analytical thinking as demonstrated by their ability to engage in problem solving, analyze data and the economic environment and apply the results, and assess the health and status of the population served by their institution;
  • demonstrate oral and written communication skills as well as financial skills;
  • evaluate specific health care challenges by applying the highest ethical, moral, and professional standards to make decisions that promote quality outcomes;
  • analyze and apply policy at both the organizational and government levels using knowledge of current practices and historical policy trends as well as systems thinking while responding effectively to legal, regulatory, and policy directives; and
  • develop strategies that promote the success and ongoing improvement of the organization using performance management, effective team participation including interpersonal awareness and emotional intelligence, innovative thinking and action, a strategic orientation, and leadership.


The Healthcare Management program is a CAHME-accredited program. 

Health Care Management Program

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Health Care Management (M.S.)

Health Care Management (M.S.)