Information Technology/Cybersecurity (M.S./M.S.)

The M.S. in information technology and M.S. in cybersecurity dual-degree program is designed to meet the needs of those students desiring to have a broad information technology background with a very strong cybersecurity emphasis.  The dual degree will prepare students for cybersecurity technical and management positions where they need to be responsible for the security of a variety of technologies.

Upon successful completion of all dual-degree requirements, students in the dual degree program must meet the requirements of the M.S. in information technology program and the M.S. in cybersecurity program. Students successfully completing both degrees will achievce the outcomes of each of these two programs.

Admission Requirements

Students in the dual degree program must meet the requirements of the M.S. in information technology program.

Minimum Grade Requirements

A minimum grade of C is needed to receive credit for a course in the dual degree program. All graduate students in the School of Business Administration must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Dual Degree Requirements

54 credits
Courses are listed in the recommended sequence of enrollment:

  • IT 510 Requirements Analysis
  • IT 515 Decsion Making for IT
  • MSC 545 Project Management
  • IT 520 Enterprise Infrastucture and Networks
  • IT 530 Computer Security
  • IT 540 Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 535 Advanced Computer Security
  • IT 570 Cybersecurity: Law, Policy, Ethics, and Compliance
  • IT 547 Security and Privacy of Electronic Documents
  • IT 580 Technology Leadership
  • IT 560 Cryptography
  • IT 537 Computer Forensics and Incident Response
  • IT 575 Information Security Management
  • IT 610 IT Governance and Strategy
  • IT 557 Monitoring, Auditing, and Penetration Testing
  • IT 587 Cybersecurity Systems: Certifiation and Accreditation
  • IT 670 Computer Network defense
  • IT 680 IT Master's Project
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Cybersecurity/Information Technology (M.S./M.S.)

Cybersecurity/Information Technology (M.S./M.S.)