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Business Administration/Information Technology (M.B.A./M.S.)

Many students with an interest in pursuing a degree in a specific business-related field, such as information technology, are aware of the fact that broader business issues – economics, finance, and marketing – are driving many business decisions. In addition, many M.B.A. students recognize the advantages of an industry-specific degree. In response, Marymount offers a dual degree: the Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Information Technology.

With the IT field becoming progressively more critical to the success of a business, managers are increasingly expected to have skills in both areas. This dual degree program allows a student to gain the credentials necessary for roles requiring a blend of business and IT skills, such as senior business analyst or chief information officer. Students will be prepared for management responsibilities in the global and competitive business environment of today’s IT industry. Graduates will be able to:

  • identify and solve complex IT problems using technical and integrative management decision-making tools
  • employ ethical awareness
  • communicate and work effectively with others, both in technical and in business environments

This dual degree can be completed in 57 credit hours. Classes are available at MU’s Ballston Center.

Admission Requirements

Individuals interested in this dual degree program are encouraged to enroll in it when first applying to the University. However, students can elect to enroll in the dual program after they have already begun their studies in either the M.B.A. or M.S. in Information Technology. The Office of Graduate Enrollment Services will assist students with application procedures.

Minimum Grade Requirements

A minimum grade of C is needed to receive credit for a course in this dual degree program.

Dual Degree Requirements

57 credits

Courses are listed in recommended sequence of enrollment.

  • MBA 511 Management Foundations
  • MBA 514 Business Analytics 
  • MBA 512 Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 515 Management of Organizations
  • MBA 517 Leading in Business
  • MBA 519 Operations Management
  • MBA 520 Economics for Managers 
  • MBA 521 Marketing Concepts and Practice 
  • MBA 522 Corporate Finance 
  • MBA 523 Business Problem Solving
  • MBA 585 Global Business Experience
  • IT 510 Requirements Analysis
  • IT 520 Enterprise Infrastructure and Networks
  • IT 530 Computer Security
  • IT 540 Enterprise Data Management and Analysis
  • IT 610 IT Governance and Strategy
  • MBA 626 Strategic Management Seminar
  • IT 680 IT Master’s Project
  • IT or MBA Elective
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Business Administration/Information Technology (M.B.A./M.S.)

Business Administration/Information Technology (M.B.A./M.S.)