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Theology & Religious Studies (B.A.)

Marymount’s B.A. in Theology and Religious Studies invites students to explore the human encounter with the divine through its historical and contemporary expressions in the lives of individuals and communities.

This major aims to develop in students a critical understanding of basic religious beliefs and their embodiment in dynamic religious traditions. The approach to the discipline is critical and analytic, examining the principle foundations of Christian theology.

As a Catholic university, Marymount offers courses that examine the richness of the Catholic faith and its theological heritage. Additional studies provide opportunities to compare tenets among the major world religions.

Some Theology and Religious Studies majors pursue graduate studies and have gone on to prestigious institutions of higher learning such as The Catholic University of America and Wesley Theological Seminary.

To learn more about the benefits of studying religion, what to expect in Religious Studies courses, and possible career paths awaiting majors in this field, visit this Web site created by the American Academy of Religion, Why Study Religion?

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Theology & Religious Studies (B.A.)


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