Some politics majors proceed straight to graduate programs in law, public policy, international affairs, or political management; others begin their careers immediately upon graduating. Students contemplating law school have the option of the Catholic University Law School Direct Entry program, which reduces the number of combined years for an undergraduate and law degree from 7 to 6. Students graduating with politics degrees often find the skills they have learned in their studies to be highly-valued, even in employment outside of law or politics.

Marymount Politics majors have gone on to a wide variety of careers in the public and private sectors. Here are several examples. 

Isabella Blecha

Bella Blecha, from California, has worked on a variety of political campaigns, including most recently serving as a campaign organizer and finance assistant for Steve Dettelbach's campaign for Ohio Attorney General. She changed her major to Politics the second semester of her sophmore year and graduated on time with a Politics major. 

Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen, from Vermont, serves as The Afriat Consulting Group’s Political Outreach Manager, with responsibilities that include campaign management, coordination and political outreach. He graduated from Marymount with a major in Politics and a minor in History. 

Deepika Choudhary

Deepika Choudhary, a transfer student to Marymount originally from Virginia, was a Politics major and History minor at Marymount. As a Marymount student she interned at the Center for International Policy, and now works as a media associate at the Peace and Security program at ReThink Media, a nonprofit that helps foreign policy oriented groups get their message out.

Elyssa Giordano

Elyssa Giordano, from New Jersey, was a Politics major and History minor at Marymount, and began interning early for a member of Cognress and for CPAC, and eventually become a CPAC Staff Assistant while still at Marymount. She now works as an event coordinator for Americans for Prosperity.

Miriam Hyeon

Miram Hyeon, a transfer student to Marymount originally from Argentina, was a Politics major. Her internship was at the Washington DC mayor's office. After graduating she worked in South Korea at the ASEAN-Korea Center’s Culture and Tourism Unit and later at the Quantum Universe Center of the Korea Institute for Advanced Study. She is now pursuing a graduate degree at a university in Korea.

Christina Haley

Christina Haley, from Florida, is Founding Partner at Connectiva Inc., a political finance firm based in Washington, D.C. which provides strategic finance consulting to House, Senate, and Party Committee campaigns. At Marymount Christina majored in Politics and in Economics.

Borjana Sako

Borjana Sako, as a Politics major at Marymount, worked  at  the  World  Bank  for  the Europe  and Central Asia Regional Procurement Office where she worked on various projects supporting the goals of improving the economic and infrastructural development of the region. After graduating she went to work as a Criminal Justice Senior Research Associate contractor for the U.S Department of Justice, and now works with the Department of Commerce.

Gabrielle Sennett

Ellie Sennett, from Ohio, as a Politics major at Marymount wrote for and edited the student newspaper, The Banner, and interned at several news organizations in the Washington DC area and abroad. After graduating with a degree in Politics she went to work for the Al Jazeera Media Network where she is now an Associate Digital Producer on The Stream.

Leslie Siphers

Leslie Siphers, from North Carolina, graduated with a major in Politics and a minor in History. As a student she interned at the AARP's office of Government Relations & Advocacy, and also worked for Governor Beverly Perdue, EMILY’s List in Washington DC, and the North Carolina Democratic Party. After graduating she went back to work for the AARP and is now a registered lobbyist. 

Sarah Whiteman

Sarah Whiteman is an Executive Administrator at General Dynamics Information Technology directly supporting the Office of Cyber and Technology Security within the U.S. Department of State's (DoS) Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), where she directly supports the Cyber Monitoring and Operations Director.

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