English (B.A.)

The Department of Literature and Languages's English major provides Marymount students with much more than an exposure to good literature. The study of literature deepens students’ understanding of the moral questions at the center of human experience and of our shared humanity across cultures and time periods. Students extend their range of experience and cultural understanding by examining texts that represent a variety of points of view and historical perspectives.

Bisson Lecture: Naming the New Public HumanistsAt the same time, English majors develop a variety of marketable skills with applications in a wide range of fields: skills in close reading, analysis, argument, critical thinking, research, and written and oral communication. Students can choose from one of four options within the major – literature, writing, media and performance studies, or secondary education – depending on their career goals.

Marymount’s Washington-area location provides students with access to rich cultural and research institutions that reinforce and broaden their classroom experience.

What can you do with a degree in English?

An English major provides students with a versatile preparation for the workplace and for advanced study. Their widely applicable skills enable English majors to pursue careers and graduate work in a variety of fields including law, business, education, advertising, publishing, research, public relations, writing, web editing, and marketing. An English major can easily be combined with a minor in another professional discipline such as business, psychology, communications, or history. Learn more about Jobs & Internships here.

For those interested in English Education, a teaching licensure program is available as well.

See what our graduates have done with their English degrees.

Jeb ButlerJeb. D. Butler, Director of Admissions at Columbia Law School

"The English Department at Marymount very much prepared me for any professional endeavor insofar as I was pushed to hone my writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills as a student. I felt completely prepared for graduate study and eased rather seamlessly into my career. "


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