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Student Work & Research

Many opportunities exist for undergraduates to get involved in research at Marymount University. The Biology and Physical Sciences Department embraces undergraduate student involvement in working research labs. Fresh ideas and new ways to look at problems have a way of opening new avenues of research.

Currently, students have opportunities to explore areas like neuron pathway development, turtle physiology and growth, plant-fungus symbiotic relationships, atmospheric reactions, 3D printing of assistive devices and experimental prosthetics as well as, star and planet formation. Additionally, opportunities exist to become involved in research that expands beyond biology and physical science. For example, Biology majors can join with Mathematics faculty and students to study the modeling of disease spread and dynamics.

Students who engage in research early on have many opportunities to advance to a level where they would present their findings either locally, or more likely, on a regional or national level. Research opportunities outside of Marymount University also exist and many internships become a next step in the development of research scientists.