Course Descriptions

EN 551 Composition: Theory and Practice

This course provides a theoretical and practical overview of the teaching of composition. Students read and respond to theories of composition as well as to central debates in the field. They study the composition practices of a single classroom while reflecting on their own experiences as academic writers. The course culminates in a research paper that synthesizes and analyzes current research on one issue in the field of composition and in a teaching portfolio that includes course materials and teaching philosophy. (3)

EN 554 Applied Grammar: Syntactic Structures

This course involves an analysis of contemporary English grammar that investigates meaning in written and oral discourse. Emphasis is given to the application of English grammar in second-language learning. (3)

EN 561 Topics in College Composition

Provides an in-depth study of one issue important to the field of composition studies. The course will examine the historical significance of this issue as well as its current theoretical and pedagogical debates. Special attention will be paid to analyzing research studies about the issue. Specific topics will rotate and the course may be taken more than once, provided the student selects different topics. (3)

EN 571 Technology for College Literature and Writing

In this course, students will explore and evaluate a range of technologies that impact writing pedagogy, literary analysis, and how knowledge is shared with others. Students will analyze key theories and debates about the promise and dangers of using technology in college English pedagogy and scholarship. This course combines theoretical foundations with practical application. (3)

EN 690 Practicum

This course serves as a capstone experience for students pursuing the master’s degree for career enhancement or career change rather than as a basis for further advanced study. It provides students with an opportunity to apply and extend the skills and knowledge developed in their graduate courses and to foster increased self-knowledge and reflection on their career goals and on their strengths and weaknesses. (3)

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Teaching English at the Community College*

Teaching English at the Community College*