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Liberal Arts Core Courses

Marymount students can take advantage of Liberal Arts Core offerings at the Reston Center. Liberal Arts Core courses are required-for-graduation general education classes that complement and enhance learning in all fields of study. Working with your adviser, you can select and register for courses that conveniently fit your schedule and program.

Fal 2017 Liberal Arts Core Course at Marymount Reston 

EN 225 Literary Superheroes

Tuesdays - 3:30-6:15PM
A study of the "hero" and "superhero" models in European and American literature. Emphasis is placed on the various heroic codes both as literature and as embodiments of popular visions, ideals, and desires of different eras. Prerequisite: EN 102 or permission of instructor. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation: LT-1, WI. (3)

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