Undergraduate Research

Research is an integral part of the Honors Program curriculum. Beginning in the junior year, you will conduct scholarly research in close consultation with a faculty mentor and focus on the topic of your Senior Honors Thesis.

During this semester, you may work as your faculty mentor’s research assistant, becoming acquainted with specific literature and techniques in the chosen area of research. At the end of the semester, you will be required to submit a 10-to 12-page research proposal for review.

Once approved, you may then commence on your research for your Senior Honors Thesis. At the end of this tutorial and, during the senior year, you will produce and defend an Honors Thesis.

The Senior Thesis will typically be 30 pages, exclusive of scholarly apparatus, and 15 pages for creative/design projects. All Honors students are required to present and defend their theses before a committee consisting of the thesis advisor, a second reader, and the Honors director or his/her designee. Thesis defenses are open to the entire University community and are archived in the Honors Program office and on the Library and Learning Service website.