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Directed Self-Placement (DSP)

The DSP and Math Placement exams serve to help your advisor make the best possible recommendations for the English and Math courses you will take at Marymount. Please keep in mind this isn't a graded exam, rather a way to make sure you are placed in the appropriate courses.

Important items to know before you start:

  • Use only Internet Explorer or Firefox as your web browser

  • It will take about 30 minutes to complete the entire process

  • At any point during the reading or writing DSP process you can stop and log back in – the system will save your decisions

  • First year students will need to provide their high school GPA, class rank and SAT or ACT scores

Steps to Complete the DSP:

The tabs at the top of the DSP page will show your progress in each area: Major, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, and Results

Step 1. Log into the Reading and Writing portion using your Marymount ID and password. You will need to answer several survey-type questions. A writing exercise is not required.

Step 2. Wait twenty-four hours after completing the Reading and Writing portion. Then, log into the Math portion using your Marymount ID and password. There will be up to approximately 40 math questions to answer.

Step 3. After completing the math portion, log back into the DSP Reading and Writing portion to answer some final survey questions and receive your results.

Step 4. You are finished! Your first year academic advisor will create your class schedule.Please allow advisors ample time to complete a meaningful class schedule for you.

After taking the DSP and Math Placement Assessments, your advisor will be able to register you for classes. You cannot register for Fall 2018 classes if you have not taken these placement assessments.

Please note: If you have dual enrollment credit, AP credit, or other college-level credit, you will still need to complete the DSP. Once Marymount receives your official transcripts, your schedule will be changed to reflect your prior college credit.




If you have no further questions, you are ready to begin the DSP process:

How do I complete my DSP?


Budget a minimum of 30 minutes to sit at a computer and concentrate. Have your high school GPA and SAT or ACT scores handy. You’ll be asked for them along the way.

Do I have to complete the DSP placement section all at once during the DSP process?


You can stop the process and log back in later. All of your decisions will be saved

What can I do if I have questions about my DSP choices?


You will be given specific instructions and explanations about your choices and the recommendations on the site. You will also have the opportunity to email advisors in The Center for Teaching and Learning with your questions. They will answer you within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

What should I do if I have technical problems during this process?


Contact the First Year Experience Program at (703) 284-5761, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., if you experience technical problems. Also, be sure to use Internet Explorer or Firefox when completing DSP.

What about my Math course?


After completing your DSP, you will have to wait 24hrs to take your Math Assessment. You will use the same login information as your DSP.

What if I want to change my major on the DSP?


You will be asked to verify your major when you begin your DSP. If the major listed is not the one you want, you can change it on the DSP site.

Are there any deadlines for completing DSP, Math Assessment, and schedule course with my advisor?

Yes, there are deadlines for different stages of the process.

You must complete your DSP and Math Assessment before you attend your NSO in August.

Online registration will open for first-year students on May 29 – June 12, in which your first year advisor will contact you to discuss registering for courses. Remember, you won’t be able to register until you have done your DSP and Math Assessment.

What happens if I don't complete my DSP and Math Assessment by the June 1 deadline?

By completing your DSP and Math Assessment  prior to June 1, you will have a better chance of getting your first-choice class times and sections. If you wait, you may not have the best select of course times and sections.

I have generated my student account, registered for an orientation session, and completed my Directed Self-Placement(DSP) and Math Assessment. Now, what do I do?

Your First Year Advisor will contact you about registering for fall courses. Feel free to visit the following link to have a idea of what Discover 101 course you would like to take: