Discover Inquiry Courses

Discover Inquiry Courses introduce new undergraduate first-year students to Marymount University and learning in higher education. Each section of DSC 101 has a theme which is selected by the course instructor, but in every section students will:

  • Learn how to engage questions and answer them (inquiry learning)
  • Locate and use information through the internet, library, and field trips
  • Write and make oral presentations about a variety of topics
  • Connect with Marymount resources
  • ​Explore interests and skills, and begin to create an electronic portfolio that will grow throughout their college careers


The DSC 201 course will introduce new undergraduate transfer students to Marymount University and the inquiry model of learning. This course is required of all students transferring with fewer than 60 credits. Each section of DSC 201 makes use of the Washington area’s rich resources, but in every section students will:

  • Ease the transition to a new university through a focus on fundamental liberal arts skills – inquiry, critical thinking, information literacy, and communication

  • Participate in collaborative activities that offer positive interaction and support from peer mentors, instructors, and classmates

In these inquiry courses, students will be engaged through a variety of teaching methods, which may include simulations/games, field trips, problems, case studies, projects, logs/journals, other writing assignments, debates/panels, and discussions.