2018 SRC Undergraduate Schedule

Undergraduate Presentation Sessions 

(10:30am - 3:15pm)

Session I - Undergraduate Lightning Talks
Session II - Undergraduate Poster Session
Session III(a) - Undergraduate Platform Session #1
Session III(b) - Undergraduate Platform Session #2

Session 1: Undergraduate Lightning Talks (10:45am - 11:30am)


  Ballston Rm 3010 Ballston Rm 3018 Ballston Rm 3026
10:45 am Introductions Introductions Introductions
10:50 am Case Study: The Impact of Socioeconomic Differences in Writing Style: The Great Gatsby & Their Eyes Were Watching God

Lauren Chalmers and Alexus Hayne
Merging 3D Printing with Silicon Molding for Realistic Cosmesis

Elijah Finn
Blood Pressure Responses to an Acute Session of Battling Ropes Exercise

Douglas Bergen
11:00 am The Physical, Emotional and Familial Effects of Being a Police Officer

Gabriel Umar
Digital Media Campaign: Tobacco Usage in America

Shana Chase
The Effects of Pumpkin Seed Oil Supplementation on Resting Blood Pressure in Postmenopausal Women

Danielle Viola
11:10 am Shuttle Madness

Tenesha Green
D.C. Blends

Sarah Herrera, Claire Barnum, Andrea Aparicio
The Correlation Between Concussions and Future Substance Abuse Among Soccer Athletes

Robert Smith
11:20 am   DNA Methylation Within Glioblastoma Tumors

Amanda Sciorillo
Putting Your Own Oxygen Mask on First. Examining Stress Levels and Management Techniques Among College Health Professions Students

Charlotte Hepler

Session II - Undergraduate Posters (11:35am - 1:00pm)

  • George Arubi - "The Resurgent Threat of White Nationalism"
  • Kiley Cargill - "Hollywood's Airbrushed Motherhood"
  • Rebecca Deakin - "How does an Author’s Gender Influence the Depiction of Female Characters in Young Adult Fiction?"
  • Laura Deaton - "Heteronormativity in the L Word and its Strategic Use to Create a More Comfortable Setting for the LGBT Community and the Shows Audience"
  • Derreck Dixon - "A Look at the Lasting Effects on Students of Racially Prejudiced Novels in the United States"
  • Stephanie Downing - "Racial Profiling and the War on Terror"
  • Tristan Gasque - "But Does it have Pictures? An Analysis of the Literary Mechanics of Popular Children’s Books"
  • William P. Johnston - "The Effects of a Combat Veteran’s Appearance on Attitudes of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"
  • Quyen Nguyen - "Genre of Vietnam War Representations"
  • Chelsea Santa, Nehal Turkistani, Abigail Wescott - "Roommate Compatibility and Matching Application. Roommates by Zillow"
  • Odaris Santos, Sheikh Farhan Mahmood, Anthony Calderon – "Story Map: Substance Abuse in Teenagers"
  • Shea Smith, Selena DanDan - "Analyzing Positive and Negative Sentiment within the plot of The Great Gatsby"
  • Lauryn Stouffer, Rebecca Sharp - "Text Analysis/Hunger Games"
  • Julia Torrico - "Nature and the Personification of the Hero and Princess."
  • Kyle Weitendorf, Andrew Wiley, Abdalaziz Owaishiz - "Gas n Go: A Business Plan"

Session III(a) - Platform Presentations #1 - (1:10pm - 2:10pm)

  Balston Rm 3010 Balston Rm 3018 Balston Rm 3026
1:10 pm Colocalization of CHL1, ROBO1 and SLIT1 During Embryonic Development of Mouse Brain

Callie Levinger, James Knight
An Economic Inquiry Into why Swing States Changed From Voting for Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016.

Sarah McDonald
Myoelectric 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

Meagan Gagnon
1:30 pm Mental Illness - How Gender and Personal Relationships Affect Our Perceptions

Remy Carter
Evolving Ideas on Black Women's Sexuality: Romance Novels, the New Racism and Refusing Science

Kirsten Michele Pettaway
The Sporting Industry of the Future: An Economic Investigation of the E-sports Market

Ryan Robles
1:50 pm The Gray Area Within Interracial Counseling

Brianna Simmons
Forest Legislation in Thailand

Devin Uriarte
Factors Influencing Motivation and Grit in Division III Athletes

Nicole Viscuso

Session III(b) - Undergraduate Platform Presentations (2:15pm - 3:15pm)

  Balston Rm 3010 Balston Rm 3018 Balston Rm 3026
2:15 pm Cardiac Autonomic and Blood Pressure Responses to an Acute Foam Rolling Session

Emily Montgomery
The Disease that Killed an Organization: The Failed Public Relations Tactics of a Texas Hospital During the Ebola Crisis.

Noelle Larino
"Questioning Authority: Lana Del Ray vs. Sylvia Plath"

Joseph Hammett, Betsy Lizotte
2:35 pm Social Isolation and Quality of Lofe in Hospitalized Children with Long Term Illness

Kelly Ann Colligan
Is the Princess and the Frog Progressive?

Catherine Kenol
Poverty and Migration

Rewan Bezabih
2:55 pm Improving Premature Neonatal Health Outcomes Through Music Therapy Intervention

Katherine Joye
A Speech in Time

Dana Najib
Water Supply and Institutions in Kenya

Matthew Barton