2015 Graduate Student Presentations

Welcome to the archive of the 2015 Marymount University Student Research Conference (Graduate Section). Please refer to the schedule below and select an author’s name for a link to the Abstract of their presentation.
4:00 - 5:00 Keynote Speaker: LeeAnn Potter, Director of Educational Outreach, Library of Congress - Room #230. (All participants are invited)

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5:00 – 6:30 Wine and cheese reception plus Graduate Poster presentations
2nd floor hallway
(For a list of posters click HERE)
6:40 – 8:45 Graduate Oral presentations
Time Session A- room 304
Education, Pyschology, and Culture
Session B- Room 308
Nursing and Healthcare Related
Session C- Room 230
Physical Therapy
6:40 -7:00 Charlotte Bryant, Elementary Education; Laura Winstanley, Special Education;
Kristin Gogal, Secondary Education
Timothy Plotner, Secondary Education:
Costa Rica Service-Learning Project: What Education Students learned from Individuals with Severe Disabilities

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Amber Edelman, Nursing (FNP):  Do telehealth medical visits compared to traditional office visits improve glycemic control in adult patients with diabetes?

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Kristin Kerry, Physical Therapy; The effect of isolation precautions on patient participation in physical therapy.

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7:00 - 7:20 Maya Georgieva, Willa Colbert, Latoya Kosh; Counselor Education and Supervision: The Experiences of College Students Participating in a Service Program in Jamaica

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Mary Temple, Interior Design: The Impact of Interior Design on Functional and Psychological Needs of Nursing Staff

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John William Davis III, Physical Therapy; The Physical Therapy Management of a Patient with Post Polio Syndrome in the Sub Acute Setting: A Case Report

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7:20 -7:40 Trang Tran, Education: Teaching English Language Learners (ELLs) culture using digital stories

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Amy Stewart, Nursing (FNP): Colorectal cancer screening in African American Men

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Savannah Lambert, Physical Therapy; The feasibility of the KUH as an objective outcome measure in inpatient acute physical therapy

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7:45-8:05 Prativa Pandey, Human Resource Management: The Cultural Approach to The Human Resource Management in Nepalese Organization

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Sabrina Beroz, Doctor of Nursing Practice: 
Exploring the Performance Outcomes of Senior Level Nursing Students in a Multiple Patient Simulation

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Erin Burford, Physical Therapy; Weight Shifting as a Strategy to Decrease Freezing of Gait in Patients with Parkinsons
8:05 - 8:25 Lauren Pupko, Forensic and Legal Pyschology: Perceptions of Criminal Behavior Based on Physical Appearance, Voice-Pitch, and Gender

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Whitney Carrington, Catherine Lopez, Susan Mbawuike, Ayan Ibrahim; Health Promotion Management: Ethics of Media Coverage for an Ebola Outbreak in the U.S. a Public Health Prospective

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Christine Bass, Physical Therapy; The Effectiveness of Telerehabilitation for the Management of a Client with a Non-healing Distal Radius Fracture: A Case Report
8:25 - 8:45 Victoria Holmes, Counselor Education and Supervision: Sociocultural and relational factors impacting the body image experience in young African American women

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Ann Namabiro, Health Promotion Management: Analyzing Challenges Facing Global Health Efforts to Eradicate Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Robert Smith, Physical Therapy; Chronic anterior bilateral exertional compartment syndrome management following fasciotomy: A Case Report

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