2016 Graduate Student Presentations

Welcome to the 2016 Marymount University Student Research Conference (Graduate Section). Please refer to the schedule below and select an author’s name for a link to the Abstract of their presentation.
4:00 - 5:00 Keynote Speaker: 

Dr Angela Johnson,
Director of Teacher Education, St Mary's College of Maryland.

"Solving Tough Problems: The Importance of Interdisciplinary  Collaboration"

Room #230. (All participants are invited)

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5:00 – 6:30 Wine and cheese reception plus Graduate Poster presentations –
2nd floor hallway
(For a list of posters click HERE)
6:40 – 8:45 Graduate Oral presentations
Time Session A- Room 304
Business, Cybersecurity and Healthcare
Session B - Room 308
Counselling, Education and Humanities
Session C - Room 230
Physical Therapy
6:40 -7:00 Moderator: Dr Thomas Narock

Allison Stueve, MBA; Jacob Manthey, MBA/MHC. (L. Cooper & L. Christie)
Linden Resources: Shredding the Competition - Strategic Profitability Plan.
Moderator: Dr Tammy Davis

Shelly Aboagye and Mayla Adams, Counselor Education and Supervision, (T. Davis): Adlerian Intervention and Techniques to Promote Self-Esteem in School-Age Children.

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Moderator: Dr Jason Craig

Rachel Collver, Physical Therapy (K. Negley): The Efficacy of Trunk Stabilization Exercises for a Stroke Patient with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report.

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7:00 - 7:20 Andrew Lewis-SmithIT Cybersecurity Specialization
(A. Bicak): A Relational Framework for Modelling Active Intruders.

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Latifah Alsaleh, Professional Studies, TESOL, (A. Lado): Reading strategies used by Arabic speakers in different texts. 

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Milena Jaimes, Physical Therapy (K. Negley):  Interventions to Address Mobility in the Patient with Oxygen desaturation: a Physical Therapy Acute Care Case Report.

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7:20 -7:40 Christine WattsInterior Design,
(J Goldsmith)
Home for Residents with Hearing Loss: A Study in Residential Acoustics.

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Tiffany Green, Humanities (A. Scott-Douglass): Juxtapositions: Dutch and African American Parallels in the Work of Kehinde Wiley.

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Mohammad Wahdan, Physical Therapy (D. Venskus): The Effects of a 6 Week Ankle Specific Neuromuscular Training (NMT) Program on Chronic Ankle Instability, Post Modified Brostrom-Gould Procedure: A Case Report.

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7:45-8:05 Dhaya Muthiah, Nursing
(J. Renfro): Nurses' Attitudes, competency, and Perceptions of the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale

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Robyn WeatherholzPatricia Cotter and Emily Nolan, Education (M Gibson): Questions From Uganda.

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Matthew Barrick, Physical Therapy (S. Donovan): A Balance-Based Approach to Intervention Following Intramedullary Nailing of a Tibial Fracture: A Case Report.

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8:05 - 8:25 Helene Hemus, FNP, (A. Burkhard): Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Adult ICU Patient

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Alexander Sehler, Education, Teaching and Learning Focus (A. LAdo): Student Socioeconomic Status and High-Stakes Test Anxiety Levels.

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David Fathlikhani, Physical Therapy (J. Craig) Physical Therapy Interventions Following a Split Thickness Skin Graft Procedure for  a Chronic Non-healing Diabetic Pedal Ulcer: A Case Report.

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8:25 - 8:45 Ashley Lee, Health Education & Promotion, (J. Tripken): Reducing HIV/AIDS Disparities among African Americans 

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  Sami Ahmed, Physical Therapy (D. Venskus):  Hand-Over-Hand: A Caregiver Task-Oriented Approach to Stroke Rehabilitation: A Case Report.

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