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Highlights and Awards from the 2015 SRC

We had over 80 people present at the General Session in 2015. The poster and oral presentations were well represented, by both undergraduate and graduate students and faculty. Over 200 people attended throughout the day. All of our students did a professional job of presenting their research. We are thankful for your participation!

Here are the awards given at the 2015 Award Ceremony in the General Session.

Undergraduate Presenters
1st Place poster presentation: Lorine Margeson, Nicholas Bensmiller. Case Study on Chimpanzees with Abnormal Behaviors. (Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman)
 2nd Place poster presentation: Robert Volpe, Nirmala Ramnarine. Improved Synthesis of Methyl Chromone through Solvent Disiccation. (Dr. Deana Jaber)
Honorable Mention poster presentation: Donna Siu. Compliance with the DASH Diet in Female Patients with Hypertension. (Dr. Adriana Glenn)
1st Place oral presentation: Leah Morrison, Jennifer Wong, Alexander Fuste: The American Dream. (Barry Erdeljon)
2nd Place oral presentation: Two entries were awarded.
Samantha Dellobuono. 3D Printing Prostheticswith E-Nable. (Dr. Eric Bubar)
Donato Moon. Evaluating the Performance of Stocks Recommended by Investor’s Business Daily. (Dr. Hai Huang)
Honorable Mention oral presentation: Emilia Larach. “It Was Amazing!”: Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. (Dr. Jo-Ann Amadeo)
Graduate Presenters
1st Place poster presentation: Sarah Rubard. Nursing. Does the Implementation of an Asthma Action Plan Reduce Asthma Exacerbatins Experienced in the Pediatric Population? (Dr. Agnes Burkhard)
2nd Place poster presentation: Tina Mbatia. Nursing. Exercise and Post-Cessation Weight Gain. (Dr. Faith Claman)

1st Place oral presentation - Session A. Charlotte Bryant, Laura Winstanley, Kristin Gogal, Timothy Plotner. Education. Costa Rica Service-Learning Project: What Education Students Learned from individuals with Severe Disabilities. (Dr. Douglas Ball)

1st Place oral presentation - Session B. Mary Temple. Interior Design. The Impact of Interior Design on Functional and Psychological Needs of Nursing Staff. (Dr. Bridget May)

1st Place oral presentation - Session C. Erin Buford. Physical Therapy.Weight Shifting as a Strategy to Decrease Freezing of Gait in Patients with Parkinson's. (Dr. Jason Craig) 

All 2015 abstracts are available on the web at the links below.
Undergraduate Student Presentations
Graduate Student Presentations