Humanities Research Institute

The Humanities Research Institute is a unique research immersion opportunity for select Marymount undergraduates during the summer months. The Institute is a project of Marymount’s DISCOVER program.

How does it work?

Four or more students will be selected as Institute Scholars. Each will be awarded a $1,000 stipend and a grant for room and board, or a dining hall pass for commuter students, in order to be at Marymount's campus from May 19 to June 30.

Institute Format

The Institute consists of two components: a weekly seminar and an independently pursued project. Institute Scholars meet once or twice weekly for six weeks. During the seminar, student scholars along with faculty and occasional guests explore the Institute's theme through literature, history, philosophy, theology, and the visual and performing arts. In parallel with the seminar, students spend their time pursuing research in a field of their choice on a topic related to the Institute theme. At the beginning of the fall semester, scholars meet again to share the further results of their research and discuss forums for future distribution and publication.

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Throughout the summer, there will be weekly events that take advantage of the cultural offerings of the greater Washington, DC, area.

Can I participate?

This Institute is open to any student who wishes to be part of a small community of scholars pursuing research in the humanities. But you don’t have to be majoring in a humanities discipline to participate.

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What is the time period of the Institute?

The Institute runs from May 19 through June 30. The seminar will meet each Wednesday for 2-3 hours. Scholars will spend the remainder of their time working on a research project with a faculty mentor, and participating in regular events that take advantage of the resources of our nation's capital area. Some events will be scheduled on Fridays or weekends.


What do scholars get?

Each scholar is awarded a summer research grant, which includes a $1,000 stipend, plus either room and board to cover residency in Marymount University housing from May 19 to June 30, or a commuter meal pass to support commuters' time on campus. 

Can I get course credit for the Institute?

Not during the Summer Institute. However, you will walk away from the Institute with a well-developed body of research that would be an excellent preparation for further research in an independent study course, an honors tutorial, a senior thesis, or another research opportunity for credit.

Can I do other things during the Institute, like an internship or course?

Ideally, Humanities Research Scholars should be able to immerse themselves fully in the life of the mind offered during the Humanities Research Institute. Nevertheless, some students will want or need to maintain part-time employment, pursue other coursework, or do a summer internship. If that is the case, you will need to make the Institute your first priority, and demonstrate in your application the ability and maturity needed for self-directed research.

Do I need to have a specific research question in order to apply?

No. Articulating some thoughts on a topic you might pursue will be helpful in evaluating your ability to take full advantage of the Institute. At the same time, the seminar is intended to open new horizons for thought and research on the common theme, and it is likely that your research agenda will develop, and perhaps change, in response to that intellectual experience.