RN Back to Practice Course

The RN Back to Practice Course is designed for nursing professionals who have been absent from the adult inpatient hospital/ acute care setting and wish to review and update nursing knowledge and skills.

• Online, self-paced course
• Can be completed within 1 week
• Access to live instructors
• Virtual simulation in a mock hospital
Course Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:
• Describe common acute and chronic medical conditions of the hospitalized adult medical-surgical patient.
• Recall commonly administered pharmacological therapies for adult medical-surgical hospitalized patients.
• Implement nursing interventions for adult medical/surgical hospitalized patients.
• Identify effective communication techniques and documentation utilized in the health care setting.
• Demonstrate the appropriate use of standard precautions and infection control techniques when providing patient care.
• Perform a basic physical assessment.
Teaching Method
Self-paced modules for inquiry-based learning by students with integration of the adult learning theory.  This includes lecture by video, independent study, clinical case studies, knowledge checks, virtual simulation in a mock hospital environment and access to a live instructor. 
$1500 per person (paid by individual or institution) *Special discount price of $1175 thru August 30th
Course Content
• Anatomy and physiology,
• Major disease pathology, current treatment strategies, commonly seen in adult medical surgical care
• Pharmacology of commonly used drugs,
• Physical assessment,
• Nursing process and documentation,
• Infection control
• Current trends
Course Schedule
The course begins on Monday and concludes on Friday.  Individuals will receive a certificate of completion. 
Technology Requirements
• Access to the internet and email for communication
• Basic computer navigation and literacy skills
• Device with a camera in order to record a video, download the video to website, and attend Zoom meetings (computer recommended, smart device could be used).

Register online by clicking here.
Point of contact or 703-284-1580