Faculty Research

Our six full time faculty in the department of Health and Human Performance are scholars and experts in their fields. Current active research agendas for HHP faculty include:
Dr. Gwendolyn Francavillo, Associate Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance.

 Research Interests:
  •              Sexual Assault
  •              Stress Management
 Dr. Michael Nordvall, Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance.

 Research Interests:
  •           Biathlon physiology 
  •           Alterations in physiology during the competitive season in triathletes and              cross-country runners.
Dr. Michelle Walters-Edwards
Associate Dean, Malek School of Health Professions and Associate Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance. 

 Research Interests:
  •           Human performance evaluation of elite athletes
  •           Prevention of lower limb injury in female athletes
  •           Prevention  and reversal of childhood obesity
  •           Neuromuscular control of the knee joint (ACL injury prevention)
Dr. Alexei Wong. Assistant Professor, Department of Health and Human Performance.

 Research Interests:
  •           Exercise interventions and cardiovascular function
  •           The effects of supplementation on cardiovascular health
  •           The acute effects of kettlebell exercise on blood pressure and                                   autonomic function
  •           The effects of a foam rolling session on cardiovascular function

Ms. Amy Allnutt.
Continuing Instructor, Department of Health and Human Performance.   
Research Interests:
  • Obesity treatment and prevention through exercise and lifestyle intervention
Dr. Sara Pappa. Visiting Faculty, Department of Health and Human Performance. 

Research Interests:
  • Falls prevention in the aging population
  • Public Health
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