Faculty Research

Our seven full time faculty in the department of Health and Human Performance are scholars and experts in their fields. Current active research agendas for HHP faculty include:

 Dr. Jennifer Tripken, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of  Health and Human Performance.

     Research Interests:
             Public Health Ethics
Falls Prevention in Older Adults
             Chronic Disease
Teaching pedagogy
Qualitative research

 Dr. Gwendolyn Francavillo, Assistant Professor, Department of Health  and Human Performance.

       Research Interests:
             Sexual Assault
             Stress Management

 Dr. Liane Summerfield, Professor, Department of Health and Human  Performance.

     Research Interests:
          Obesity and weight management
          Human nutrition
          Inquiry-guided learning

 Dr. Michael Nordvall, Professor, Department of Health and Human  Performance.

     Research Interests:
          Biathlon physiology 
          Alterations in physiology during the competitive season in          

          triathletes and cross-country runners.

 Dr. Michelle Walters-Edwards. Interim Associate Dean and Associate  Professor, department of Health and Human Performance. 

     Research Interests:
          Human performance evaluation of elite athletes
          Prevention of lower limb injury in female athletes
          Prevention  and reversal of childhood obesity
          Neuromuscular control of the knee joint (ACL injury prevention)

Dr. Alexei Wong

     Research Interests:
          Exercise interventions and cardiovascular function
          The effects of supplementation on cardiovascular health
          The acute effects of kettlebell exercise on blood pressure and                 autonomic function
​          The effects of a foam rolling session on cardiovascular function

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