The MakerSpace is primarily used as a technology-driven environment/hub for students to collaborate, innovate, and create across disciplines.

The MakerSpace is an ideal place for everyone to learn 3D printing, host a tech related workshop or event, work with a group on class projects or assignments, or watch a video together required by your professor and have a group discussion.

3D Printing

Currently, the Marymount MakerSpace have two different 3D printers, a LCD projector, two iMACs, two PCs, and a writable wall, which can be used and reserved by Marymount students, faculty, and staff. There are two ways to use our MakerSpace to learn about 3D printing:

  1. Attending Monthly Demo Session: we are hosting 3D printing demonstration sessions monthly and the schedule of the events can be found online here. During the demonstration, we will provide an overview of 3D printing and a demonstration of the whole 3D printing process from designing till finishing.
  2. Making individual or group appointment: based on the needs and wishes of the individual or group, we will help the individual or group to learn the basics of 3D printing or start to work on their own projects. Appointments can be made online here. Due to staffing limitations, we will try to accommodate all appointment requests, but will ask to reschedule appointments if needed.  
Resources for the monthly demonstration are available to all Marymount students, faculty and staff on Google Drive. Click on the links below to access to those resources:
  1. Overview of 3D Printing
  2. List of software and resources
  3. 3D Printing via Thingiverse
  4. 3D Printing Signature Guide