Inclusion Network

MU’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working to build a stronger and more inclusive campus community. We have created this support network of students, faculty, and staff across campus as part of our “You Belong Here!” initiative.

Members of MU’s Inclusion Network are: a) committed to understanding the challenges and needs associated with issues of inclusion and discrimination on campus and b) willing to take meaningful steps to build a stronger and more inclusive campus community. 

Members of the network will:

  1. Participate in and support the “You Belong Here!” initiative on campus.
  2. Work to promote an inclusive campus community and take action in the face of various forms of bias or discrimination on campus.
  3. Be available to support Marymount community members who feel a lack of connection to the MU community (and make referrals to relevant campus resources where appropriate).
  4. Participate in Diversity and Inclusion Training each semester beginning Fall 2020.