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DC Institutes for H.S. Students

Summer 2016 Institutes

Session 1: July 6-15

Session 2: July 18-27

Learn by doing

Work closely with Marymount faculty who have extensive expertise and professional connections in the field. The daily programs will include classes in the mornings, field trips and other experiential learning in the afternoons, and fun activities in the evenings.

Experience campus life

Live in a residence hall on Marymount's Main Campus in suburban Arlington, Virginia. The program fee includes housing, meals, activities, transportation to off-campus activities, and tuition for three college credits awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Space is limited and priority will be given to rising high school seniors.

Two sessions, four unforgettable experiences...

Session 1 - July 6-15

Students will arrive at Marymount on Wednesday, July 6. Programs will begin on Thursday, July 7 and run through Friday, July 15.

The Design Institute - ID 100


The Summer Design Institute is a design exploration program for high school students entering grades ten and above. Students will explore and develop both fundamental design and critical thinking skills through drawing, collage, diagramming, model-making, and collaborative projects.

Students will work with 3D printers, laser engravers, and contemporary software to explore different methods to represent design solutions. Topics across the disciplines of Interior Design, Architecture, Industrial Design, and Furniture Design are explored during the program.

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The Criminal Justice System - CJ 209

Gain real-life perspective on the exciting criminal justice field. Visit various museums, meet with an FBI field agent, and probe various aspects of the criminal justice system – from laws and enforcement to the courts and corrections.

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Session 2 - July 18-27

Students will arrive at Marymount on Monday, July 18. Programs will begin on Tuesday, July 19 and run through Wednesday, July 27.


Frontiers in STEM - BIO 106

The STEM fields are intricately interwoven and can be explored from many angles. The Frontiers in STEM institute gives you an inside look at what it takes to succeed in these fields and provides unique, hands-on experiences to test the skills you'll develop.
  • Work in a problem solving team to design and print your own 3D creation
  • Untable the mysteries of the Genetic Code by spooling your own DNA
  • Submerge yourself (literally) into a turtle field site, capture turtles, and bring the turtles back to our turtle lab to see them lay their eggs first-hand.
  • Visit the portable planetarium to explore and interact with the galaxy (no space suit required)
  • Use nuclear magnetic resonance to characterize organic molecules
  • Design custom features for an electric car built for special needs children
  • Perform dissections - Explore the systems and anatomy of the squid, shark, and pig.

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Walking with the Presidents - HI 215

Washington, DC has been the home of forty-two different presidents since John and Abigail Adams moved into town in 1800. This summer institute will show students the city of Washington from a new perspective, retracing the footsteps of presidents in the city since then.

Students will retrace John Quincy Adams' steps as he walked to the Potomac for his morning swim, where Lincoln went to escape the heat, where Harrison, Taylor, and Garfield walked on their last trips through the city, where Wilson walked when he was courting Mre. Galt, and where Teddy Roosevelt went hiking with various diplomats tagging along. The institute will include readings of the various presidents, the history of Washington, and , of course, walks that set along the paths of those who lived in the White House over the years.

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