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Car Rentals

Need a car to get around?
We have the perfect solution: Join Hertz on Demand as a member! Membership is free.

Hertz on Demand is a self-service car rental program, offering members 24/7 vehicle access to a variety of cars when and where they need them – without having to own one!

This program is now available directly at Marymount University’s Main Campus and open to all students, faculty, and staff members.

Benefits of being a Hertz on Demand member

  • No enrollment or annual fees
  • Rent by the hour (or by day)
  • Gasoline
  • Insurance
  • GPS
  • iPod adapter
  • 24/7 In Car Member Care - Vehicle Access - Roadside Assistance
  • 180 miles per 24-hour period

Special Promotions

  • New iPhone App - Learn how to download the mobile app online
  • $15 driving credit for all new members - Use Promo Code=UNIV15 when signing up to receive $15 in driving credit

Cars on Campus
We house two cars on Main Campus, in front of The Lodge (next to Security Station):

  • Nissan Altima
  • TBD

How to rent a car
Register online. After you register you will receive a confirmation email. After your membership is accepted, you will be mailed a membership card or keychain access fob within a few days of registration. Auxiliary Services can also assist you to register and/or receive a key fob on campus. Please contact Upen Malani, (703) 284-1491, or Bob McCoy, (703) 284-5760, to make an appointment.

How does it work?

Step 1: CLICK
Apply for membership and reserve your vehicle online.
Step 2: SWIPE
Swipe your key fob/card over the reader on the windshield to unlock the doors.
Step 3: DRIVE
The ignition key is located near the steering wheel and should remain in the vehicle at all times. Start the car and go!
The prices start at $9 per hour for the cars on campus (visit www.hertzondemand.com for off-campus pricing). Remember, this price includes all the items mentioned previously.
Keep in mind, there are always great deals going on with Hertz on Demand, so sign up today, stay tuned, and be ready to take advantage of them!
Contact Information
For immediate assistance, please contact Hertz on Demand directly at
Member Care – 1-877-654-4400 or via email membercare@hertz.com
You may also contact Auxiliary Services for further information about the program:
Director of Campus Planning and Management
(703) 284-1491
Department of Transportation Manager
Ballston Center
(703) 284-5760

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