Student Life

Paying Students

Marymount Student Employment is subject to the laws set forth by the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e. employees must be paid a minimum wage for the hours worked). All student jobs have been evaluated and assigned a pay level based on the type of work performed. 
Pay Level 1 No jobs are currently rated at this level
Pay Level 2 $7.50
Pay Level 3 $8.00
Pay Level 4 $8.50
All student employees receive a paycheck for their wages based on the payroll schedule; wages are not directly applied towards the student’s account.

Non-Monetary Compensation – Room and Board
The Center for Career Services does not sponsor student employees for room and board, but some positions provide room and board as a non-monetary component of the student employees’ compensation. These students are required to adhere to the Community Conduct Code and all Residence Life policies to maintain their status as a “resident.” Failure to adhere to these policies may jeopardize the student’s ability to remain on campus. If a student whose housing is awarded as a condition of employment is dismissed from the residence hall, the hiring manager should initiate a Performance Intervention with the student and consider whether the student’s employment should continue (refer to Performance Intervention and Ending Employment).

Payroll Process
Employers are required to have a procedure for students to sign-in when reporting for work and sign-out when leaving for the day. The student employee timesheet is designed to allow students to track their hours, eliminating the need to transpose hours worked onto a separate timesheet.

All students, regardless of employment program, are expected to work no more than the hours allocated by the Center for Career Services.

Completion of Student Timesheets
Supervisors should keep a record of the number of hours worked each month and submit timesheets signed by the employer and employee to the Payroll Office for each pay period. Timesheets are to be kept by the supervisor, and copies should be made prior to submitting the original copy. The employer must clearly indicate the student’s wage information at the bottom of the student timesheet, including
  • the employment program
    • Federal Work-Study (FWS) or
    • Campus Employment (CE)
  • the base rate per hour (*this will be included on the student employee’s new hire paperwork emailed to the employer)
  • the number of hours for which the rate applies
The student’s signature on the timesheet is preferred, but not required. The supervisor’s signature, which indicates that work for the specified time was performed satisfactorily, is required for Payroll to process a student timesheet.

All hours must be reported on timesheets in quarter hour increments. Failure to report hours worked in fractions other than quarter hours may result in the delay of payment to the student.

Timesheets are due to the Payroll Office on the first Wednesday following the pay day. If timesheets are not received on time, a paycheck will not be issued to the student until the following pay date.