Student Life

Manage Applicants

Once your position has been posted, students will be able to view and apply for it. Applications are collected on Jobs4Saints and can be viewed at any time through the employer’s Jobs4Saints account. Employers can also choose to send student applications to their email. If you need assistance reviewing applicants, please contact the Center for Career Services.  For a step-by-step guide to reviewing applicants in Jobs4Saints, check out our Jobs4Saints User Guide.

  • When you have received a sufficient number of applicants and are ready to close the position, please close the position in Jobs4Saints.  Positions can be re-posted at a later date if necessary.
  • Supervisors should contact each student that applies to notify the student of his or her status in the employment process.


Things to consider when managing applicants
1. If your login does not work, make sure you’re at the right site:
2. Student resumes are automatically reviewed by Career Coaches in the Center for Career Services prior to the submission of applications, but applications are not screened by Career Services staff to ensure that students meet all eligibility requirements for the position.  Eligibility will be checked by Career Services staff once the student is tentatively offered a position. 

The student hiring process will be complete when you receive a Student Employment Notice for each student you hire. All employees must complete/verify HR paperwork BEFORE they begin to work in order to be paid on time.