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How It Works

Your Marymount BlueCard…

As an Access Card
You will use the BlueCard to access those secured areas of campus that you are authorized to access. This is done with a “proximity cell.” All you need to do is hold your card up to the reader on the door or elevator and your access level will be verified.

As your Meal Card
The magnetic stripe on the back of the BlueCard is your meal card. If you are a resident student, the meal plan you selected will automatically be included on your BlueCard. If you are a commuter student, you are eligible to purchase a Commuter Meal Plan (see Dining Services website for more information). If you are an employee, you may purchase dining dollars to use in any campus dining facility.

At the Library
Your library barcode number is now preprinted on the back of your BlueCard. You will be required to show your BlueCard in order to borrow library materials at Marymount and throughout the WRLC Consortium. The library barcode will be active within 24 hours after the card is issued. If you have any questions please come to the Circulation Desk in the Library or library extensions or visit the Library and Learning Services website.

At PNC Bank
Link your Marymount University BlueCard to your PNC Bank account(s) and it becomes your ATM card too. It is easy to link your BlueCard. Visit www.pnc.com/Marymount to print a Card Linking authorization form. Or stop by the ID & Parking Office in Ireton Hall or the PNC Ballston Branch to pick up and submit a Cark Linking authorization form (allow 3 days for processing). Then log in to your PNC Online Banking account and select the Customer Service Tab. Go to the Account Services section and click on “Link Campus ID card” and select Marymount University.