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Emergency Care/Community Resources

In cases of illness and/or injury, the Student Health Center should be the “first stop” for all undergraduate and graduate students residing in on- and off-campus Marymount University housing, and all commuter athletes,. These students are referred to Virginia Hospital Center facilities, if hospital treatment is warranted. The facility is located a two miles from Main Campus.

If a serious accident or injury occurs off campus and a resident student seeks medical assistance at a hospital, the student should report the incident to personnel in the Student Health Center as soon as possible, to ensure proper follow-up care.

Student Health Center personnel provide emergency care for commuter students ONLY if an injury or sudden illness occurs while these students are on campus.

Listed below are some community resources that may be utilized in emergency situations or otherwise. 
Emergency 911
Campus Resources
Student Health Center (703) 284-1610
Campus Safety and Transportation (703) 284-1600
Disability Support Services (703) 284-1615
Marymount Counseling Center (703) 526-6861
Marymount Athletic Training Room (703) 284-1672
Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic Centers
Arlington Urgent Care (703) 578-2350
McLean Immediate Care (703) 893-2273
Falls Church Urgent Care (703) 538-1505
Old Dominion Urgent Care (703) 893-2505
Simplicity Urgent Care (703) 746-0111
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
(Nationwide # for nearest center)
Arlington County Human Resources (703) 228-1300
Local Pharmacies
3133 Lee Hwy
(703) 522-0620
2601 Columbia Pike
(703) 271-7910
1555 Wilson Blvd.
(703) 524-6896
Harris Teeter
600 N. Glebe Rd.
(703) 807-2904
5101 Lee Hwy
(703) 522-3412
2500 N. Harrison St.
(703) 538-6700