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Course Modification Policy

Students may request a program modification if they can document a disability that directly impairs their ability to meet the standard requirements of the program. An ad hoc committee will process these requests and make a recommendation to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, who will make a final decision.

To request a program modification, a student must
  • provide the director of Student Access Services with requested appropriate documentation from a qualified professional(s) in the area of the disability.
  • show a demonstrated effort to satisfactorily complete the course in question with appropriate use of University resources and accommodations. The ad hoc committee will consider attendance, as well as use of tutoring, teacher conferences, notetakers, lecture taping, testing adjustments, and similar accommodations. The committee may request confirmation of student use of accommodations and resources from course instructors and relevant staff. The committee may refer to the documentation provided by the student for guidance on appropriate accommodations.
  • submit college transcripts, including those from colleges previously attended to the SAS director.
  • submit a letter of request to the SAS director describing why a program modification is the best accommodation for the documented disability. Requests must be submitted no later than 2 semesters or 30 credit hours prior to graduation.

The committee will forward a recommendation in writing to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for final action. A copy will be mailed to the student and a copy included in the student’s academic advising file. The provost will render the final decision and notify the student in writing, as well as the student’s department chair. The committee and provost will make every effort to process requests prior to the next semester. The student’s department chair will ensure that the decision is properly executed.