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Important Forms

Please click the bold title to access the following forms:

Student Information and Registration Form: Students requesting assistance from Student Access Services must submit this form in order to register. Along with the diagnosis documentation, the information from this form is used to provide the most comprehensive level of support to students.

Faculty-Student Contract: Students are encouraged to use this form when meeting with professors to discuss semester accommodations. This contract will be kept on file in the SAS office to provide clarification throughout the semester.

Electronic Text/Alternative Text Format Request Form: Students who require alternative textbook formats may request them through the Office of Student Access Services. Students should submit an individual form for each textbook. It may take up to four weeks to receive the alternative format, so students should submit the requests as early as possible.

Special Housing Accommodation Request Form: Students who have special dietary or dining concerns or housing accommodation requests should fill out this form and include their specific accommodation requests. This form is submitted along with current documentation from an impartial, licensed health care provider.

Interpreter Services Student Request Form: Students who require the assistance of an interpreter, captioning services, or transliteration services should request services at least 2 weeks prior to when needed by submitting this form.

Interpreter Services Event Request Form: Professors, staff and other nonstudent interpreter; captioning services; or transliteration services requests should be made by submitting this form at least 2 weeks prior to when needed.

Student Information Release Form: This form authorizes the director of Student Access Services to speak with members of the Marymount community, parents, and additional support services on behalf of the student. It is important in helping SAS stay an active, connected part of the student’s support system.

Personal Care Attendant Agreement & ID Request Form: Students who require personal care attendant services who wish to have the same independent experience as all other college students are encouraged to hire an impartial personal care attendant (PCA), who is not a family member or close friend. Any student requiring the use of a PCA must submit this form in order to register the PCA as a member of the Marymount community.