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Information about the Faculty Contact Sheet

A Faculty Contact Sheet (FCS) will be developed by the student and the director of Student Access Services. It will be used by the student in seeking accommodations from an instructor based on a documented disability. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with the director of SAS every semester to discuss and receive their individualized Faculty Contact Sheet. The student is responsible for notifying instructors of needed accommodations using the FCS. SAS strongly recommends that the student notify instructors during the first two weeks of the semester.

Except in special cases when test results are pending, the FCS summarizes official documentation provided to the SAS office by the student. This form must be signed by both the student and the director. The original is kept on file in the SAS office and copies provided to the student for distribution.

SAS discourages the student from simply "dropping off" the form to the instructor. The student and instructor have mutual responsibility for discussing and arranging accommodations. SAS recommends that the student and instructor thoroughly discuss each item on this form in a private, confidential meeting. Based on the recommended accommodations cited on the FCS and the specific course requirements, the student and instructor should formulate a plan for implementing effective, reasonable accommodations. As much as possible, this plan should be specific. (Example: "Extended time testing will take place in the Test Center, to be taken the same time as the rest of the class, with time and a half allowed.")
SAS suggests putting the plan in writing, with both student and instructor signing and receiving a copy. SAS provides a Faculty-Student Contract for optional use during meetings whre students present Faculty Contact Sheets. This contract will be kept on file in the SAS office to provide clarification throughout the semester. As needed, the plan may be revised by mutual consent.

In instances where the student is not able to formulate a satisfactory plan with the instructor, contact the director of SAS at (703) 284-1615 in Gerard Hall 1022 for further assistance.