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Behavioral Disability (ADD/ADHD)

Students requesting accommodations based on a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD are required to submit documentation that must include a comprehensive assessment prepared by a licensed professional. The diagnostician must be an impartial individual who is not a family member of the student.

This assessment should be current, reflect significant impairment impacting a major life function, and include a clearly stated diagnosis. Documentation may be in the form of a typewritten letter on professional letterhead and must include the following items:
  1. Date of diagnosis; the professional should also note whether they were the diagnosing diagnostician and how long the student has been in his/her care
  2. Tools and/or assessments used during the diagnostic process
  3. Comprehensive review of DSM-IV criteria, indicating the symptoms endorsed
  4. Evidence of significant impact on academic functioning
  5. Prior and current accommodations and treatments; if there are/were none, explain why not
  6. Any medications currently prescribed and their side effects
  7. If not previously diagnosed or treated, what factors allowed for successful compensation
  8. Rationale for the kinds of accommodations requested.