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Testing Accommodation Requests

Students who require additional time on exams, the use of a word processor for exams, or a distraction-free exam setting may have the option to take their exams in the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The student is responsible for coordinating each testing session with both the professor and the LRC.
The typical testing procedure is outlined below:
  1. The student is responsible for calling the LRC and scheduling an appointment for a test at least 2 days prior to the exam date.
  2. The learning associate will e-mail the professor to double check that the student is authorized to take the test at the LRC, and will send a blank Test Request Form for the professor to complete. The professor is responsible for delivering the exam and completed test request form to the LRC.
  3. The student will check in to the LRC 10 minutes before the start of the exam. He or she is responsible for presenting a current MU ID, and signing an honor pledge.
  4. The LRC staff proctors the test and returns all test materials to the professor.

For additional information, please see visit the Learning Resource Center online.