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Finding an Internship

The Washington, DC, metropolitan area is one of the greatest areas in the country to find internship opportunities. (We're biased!) Opportunities are all around, though finding the internship that's right for you means going beyond the usual resources of web pages and friends. It means research, preparation, and perseverance. The following links can help you land the position that's best for you!

Preparing to Find an Internship
It is never too early to start planning for your internship. The total process — from identifying an internship of interest, to applying, interviewing, and accepting a position — can take several weeks, but will likely take several months or more. Many government agencies require six to nine months to process internship applications prior to their start dates. In preparing for your internship and the possible related academic requirements, please follow the instructions below:

Three Semesters Before You Want to Begin Your Internship
  • Start researching internship opportunities — obtain general information about the organization, their internship program, contact information, and deadlines
  • Attend a Resume Writing Workshop by the Center for Career Services
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter
  • Contact an academic internship mentor to explore your responsibilities with regard to obtaining academic credit for your internship
Two Semesters Before Your Internship
  • Select those organizations to which you will apply.
  • Send out cover letters and resumes and/or complete applications.
  • Practice your interviewing skills and attend the Interviewing Skills Workshop at Career Services or schedule a Mock Interview with a career counselor. 
One Semester Before Your Internship
  • Attend a Career Services Professionalism & Workplace Etiquette Workshop.
  • Be sure to have all the details for your news internship position (written job description, hours, supervisor name, location, pay, etc.).
  • Report your internship via Jobs4Saints.  More information on this process can be found on the Reporting and Internship page.
  • Once your internship is approved by your AIM and school, you will be registered for the associated course (XXX 400/490) and credit hours. 
Resources in Finding Internships
Chat with your family, friends, professors, advisors, church members, etc. to find out about internship and job opportunities. Many companies hire the majority of their employees from employee referral programs. If you know someone personally who works for a company you're interested in, talk to them now.

You may search current listings of available internships using Jobs4Saints, a Web-enabled database that assists the Center for Career Services in bringing employers together with students and alumni. The database contains an up-to-date listing of career, internship, and part-time opportunities with local, regional, and national employers. You are highly encouraged to frequently access your Jobs4Saints account.

Read more information on how to activate your account and get answers to frequently asked questions about Jobs4Saints.

Employers also utilize the database to search for student resumes and to schedule on-campus interviews. It is highly beneficial for you to upload and publish your resume via the system's resume books.

Employers have posted positions looking specifically for Marymount University students and alumni. Access the Jobs4Saints calendar for announcements regarding special career-related events on campus, recruiters coming on campus seeking Marymount University students, and other job fairs in the local area that may be related to your field of interest.

For additional information about finding internships, contact us by email at career.services@marymount.edu, call (703) 284-5960, or visit the Center for Career Services, Rowley Hall Suite 1005.