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Internship Registration Process Checklist

Step #1
Step #2
  • Meet with your Academic Internship Mentor (AIM/Faculty Advisor) for your academic program to discuss internship leads and credit requirements
  • Complete Internship Interest Form and provide copies to your AIM/Faculty Advisor 
Step #3
  • Attend Professionalism Workshop
  • Schedule a Resume Review in the Career Services office
  • Upload your resume to Jobs4Saints (instructions).
  • Schedule a mock interview with the Center for Career Services 
Step #4
IMPORTANT NOTE: Marymount University’s liability insurance mandates that the original copy of the Internship Agreement form (with all signatures) is filed with the Academic Dean, Academic Internship Mentor/Internship Coordinator, and the University Registrar before student starts work at the internship site.
  • Return your completed and signed Internship Agreement Form into the Registrar's Office to get registered for the 400 level internship experience.
REMEMBER: You can not register on Marynet for the internship experience; only your Academic Internship Mentor and School Deancan register you for the internship experience.
Step #5 (Before the end of your internship experience)
Note: Arrange to have your internship site supervisor complete the evaluation form and return it to your AIM before the end of the semester or ASAP; this document may impact your grade for the internship experience.
  • Print out and supply the appropriate Student Evaluation of the Internship Experience Form to your AIM/Faculty Advisor (see forms/links below):
Step #6
  • Keep in contact with your AIM/ Faculty Advisor and Site Supervisor throughout your internship experience to help troubleshoot any problems with the internship.
Feel free to e-mail Career Services at career.services@marymount.edu, or call (703) 284-5960 should you have additional questions.
Finally, relax and enjoy your internship experience!

* SBA: School of Business Administration