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Jobs4Saints - Privacy Agreement and Appropriate Use Agreement

Center for Career Services
Marymount University

Privacy Agreement
Marymount University and the Center for Career Services are committed to preserving the privacy of its students, alumni and employers regarding collection and access of electronic personal information. Computer systems for our job listing/resume database and on-campus recruiting services are developed and operated by our professional staff in partnership with the external organizations NACElink Network and Simplicity Corporation. By choosing to use this service, you agree that your academic information will be made available to organizations seeking applicants with your particular skills.

NACElink Network, a web-based national recruiting system, provides job listing, on-campus recruiting and resume services. NACElink is the result of an alliance among the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a nonprofit professional organization for career centers and employers, the Employers Association, a nonprofit association of national employers, and Simplicity Corporation, an advanced technology provider for higher education and government. Details on their privacy practices can be reviewed at NACElink Network Privacy Policy and the Direct Employers Privacy Policy.

The data the Center for Career Services collects is stored on Marymount University secured servers or on secure servers maintained by NACElink Network and/or Simplicity Corporation. Student information access and collection is overseen by University and federal policy under the Federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

NOTE: Neither NACE nor Career Services screen the jobs posted on the NACElink Network. Site users apply at their own discretion, and must use care and good judgment when considering job postings to apply for. Users are also encouraged to validate job postings considered for applying. Users should not disclose Social Security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers to unknown employers.

Marymount University Computer Resource Policy
Users of this system provided by the Center for Career Services will be expected to follow the rules and regulations established in the Marymount Computer Use Policy. This policy is readily available to you in your printed Student Handbook.