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Clubs & Organizations

Marymount University encourages students to take an active role in student organizations and supports a variety of clubs and organizations to meet the needs and interests of its students. There are opportunities to participate in student government; student publications; and clubs that plan entertainment, social, volunteer, and educational activities.


Student Publications

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Association for Campus Events (ACE)- plans and implements a variety of events such as comedy nights, movies, theme parties, dances, music concerts, coffee
houses, trips to off-campus events and places of interest, Family Weekend entertainment, and the annual semi-formal ball. E-mail ACE 

African Caribbean Student Association (ACSA) - enables the student body at Marymount University to explore the diversity of African and Caribbean culture.
E-mail ACSA

The Banner - the campus newspaper which covers campus, national and international news and events. E-mail Banner Staff

Black Student Alliance (BSA) - plans and organizes programs that promote awareness of Black history and culture and promotes interests of minority students. E-mail BSA

Blue Crew - promotes good sportsmanship and increases school spirit by supporting Marymount University Athletics through participation in a variety of skits and cheers. E-mail Blue Crew

blueInk - is the annual publication of student writing, art, and photography. E-mail blueInk

Blue Harmony (show choir) - performs a variety of music including pop, jazz, a cappella, classical, blues, gospel and show-tunes. Auditions are held in the early Fall and Spring semesters. E-mail Blue Harmony

Cheerleading Team - promotes and upholds team spirit for Marymount University by performing at sporting events and competing in national competitions. E-mail the Cheerleading Team

Co-Curricular Council - includes a representative from each student organization and represents the extracurricular interests of the student body. Members of the
Co-Curricular Council also help plan major campus events such as Club Fairs, SpringFest, and participate in events such as HalloweenFest. E-mail the Co-Curricular Council

Commuter Activities Board (CAB) - provides a voice for commuter students' needs and interests on campus. E-mail CAB

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) - to advance the education of individuals with exceptionalities and to promote related educational, scientific, and charitable purposes. E-mail CEC

CRU - a non-denominational Christian community where the Gospel captures hearts, transforms lives, and launches men and women into a life-long adventure with Christ. E-mail CRU

Dance Team - dedicated to supporting athletic programs and campus activities by performing and spreading MU spirit. Go Saints! E-mail the Dance Team

Fandoms United - to harness creativity in the mind and life of students. This will be accomplished through discussions, activities, field trips, and other creative pop culture means. E-mail Fandoms United

Fashion Club - network with industry professionals and work metropolitan fashion events throughout the school year. E-mail the Fashion Club

Full Spectrum - to promote an atmosphere of respect and education about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. E-mail Full Spectrum

Gaming Club - this club encourages all students with an interest in video games to participate in an interactive gaming experience. E-mail the Gaming Club

Health Coalition- to bring health promotion and educational awareness in a fun and interactive way through speakers and activities. E-mail the Health Coalition

History and Politics Club - encourages students to take advantage of Marymount's proximity to the richness of historical locations in the area. College Democrats and College Republicans chapters are part of the History and Politics club. E-mail the History Club

Interior Design Association (IDA) - enhances the professional development of Interior Design students. E-mail the IDA

International Club - promotes cross-cultural understanding through planning social, cultural and educational activities, including International Week. E-mail the International Club

International Affairs Society (IAS) - to promote a better understanding and awareness of international and national politics, history and culture. E-mail the IAS

Ladies Inspiring Strength for Tomorrow (L.I.S.T.) - encourages young women and men to develop the useful skills and confidence to assist in all future endeavors on the collegiate and professional level. E-mail L.I.S.T.

Latino Student Association (LSA) - familiarizes the campus community with the Latino culture through special programs, engages in service projects within the DC Metropolitan Latino community, and strengthens ties between Latino students and Marymount University. E-mail the LSA

Marymount Actors Guild (MAG) - performs everything from professional main stage productions to improvisation shows. The club and its members are involved in every aspect of production from lights, sound, and set construction to directing and publicity. E-mail MAG

Marymount Undergraduate Economics Association (MUEA) - students who interact with economists, and increase interest and knowledge in economics. E-mail MUEA

Muslim Student Association (MSA) - supports Muslin students on campus and provides the overall Marymount community with educational programming regarding
the Islamic faith. The Muslim Student Association is an affiliate of a national organization. E-mail MSA

Pre-Law Society (PLSS) - unites students and teachers of the law in an external fellowship designed to advance the ideals of libtery and equal justice under the law. E-mail PLSS

Psychology Club - broadens the student body's awareness of Psychology and Mental Health issues through community service, outreach, and various activities. E-mail Psychology Club

Residence Hall Association (RHA) - Organization that advocates for residential students and plans programs to build campus wide community. E-mail RHA

Respect Life Club - works with Marymount students and the Arlington community to raise awareness on life issues from conception to natural death. Also serving
the community with reminders that life is precious. E-mail Respect Life Club

Rowing Club - a group of students who are interested in the sport of Crew/Rowing. E-mail Rowing Club

Saudi Student Association - to promote interest in history and culture, provide fellowship among students and faculty and to provide of forum of understanding between the US and Saudi Arabia to enhance community. E-mail the SSA

Science Club - serves as a support system for future scientists by inviting speakers to campus, traveling to science institutions, and having monthly meetings. E-mail Science Club

South Asian Society (SAS) - seeks to meet the social, cultural and educational needs of all those with interest in South Asia. E-mail SAS

Student Government Association (SGA) - serves as the official representatives of the student body. E-mail SGA

Student Nurses Association (SNA) - plans activities that enhance the professional development of the nursing students. E-mail SNA

Student Virginia Education Association (SVEA) - provides the opportunity to explore education as a profession; to evaluate their own aptitudes, capabilities, and interests as prospective educators; and seeks to interest others in education as a profession. E-mail SVEA

Victory Garden - strives to educate the Marymount community on Victory Gardens and micro-farming, and grow food in the form of produce for the community. E-mail Victory Garden
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