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Leadership Development

The Office of Leadership Development is to provide opportunities for students to grow as leaders and to develop leadership skills that can be used beyond their college years. Our goals include
  • outreach to students who are not elected or appointed to a formal leadership position, such as a  club officer
  • encouraging students to think about and reflect on their leadership experiences and to see how those experiences fit into and work with their plans and goals for the future
  • developing reflective, committed, civic-minded, ethical leaders for today and tomorrow.

Contact Information

Leadership Development

Marymount University
The Lodge, LDGE 1007

Questions? Call
(703) 284-1615

Student Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Noah McGrath
Noah McGrath
Major: Criminal Justice, Politics minor
Class of 2013

As a Criminal Justice major and a Politics minor, Noah has placed himself in one of the best locations to gain experience in his fields of study and capitalize on his education with great nearby career and internship possibilities.